The Youth Exchange “From Intelligence to Inspiration” is runing

The Youth Exchange “From Intelligence to Inspiration” is close to its climax, gathering together 25 participants from Romania, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria in the learning center “School in Nature” in the Rhodopy village of Gudevica.

In the days between 13th and 23rd October participants are on a journey deep within their personal passions and talents, exploring them through the model of Multiple Intelligence by Howard Gardner. The youth exchange offers an experience within a diverse selection of activities which will help them in their personal search for path and direction in life, based on their leading talents and skills. These activities, based on the methods and approaches of non-formal learning, also known as “experiential learning”, include:

  • deep practical and theoretical exploration of the separate intelligences from Gardner’s model through individual and group activities;
  • going through challenges that drag us out of our comfort zone;
  • goal-setting and evaluation of the achievement;
  • creating a plan for development of personal strengths according to the practical exploration of Gardner’s model.
  • intercultural learning process;
  • building and living in a community;
  • strengthening the connection to nature and appreciating it as a teacher;


ТHere, every day starts with a physical warm-up, a relaxation, a sharing circle and gratitude. During the day we have fun while learning, expressing through our talents while connecting to the others from the group. In the afternoon we reflect personally and then in groups on what we have learned and experienced through the day. In the evening we enjoy an even more open and non-formal programme in which dancing, music and playing games help us strengthen the connection between us and give us chance for self-expression.


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