Nature as a teacher – Evaluation summary

The training course “Nature as a teacher – Eco-centric development in Youth work” is inspired and based on the Eco-centric Wheel concept from the American psychologist Bill Plotkin. It is aiming at creating an educational frame which will contribute to the holistic development of youth workers.

The training provided the opportunity for exploration of various concepts and practices related to the balanced life in 4 dimensions: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

The youth workers who participated in the project experienced eco-centric practices in the context of their personal and professional life. The course incorporated also actions towards ensuring sustainability of the applied process and the achieved results.  The experienced practices were translated into educational methods and tools to be used in the youth field for the development of young people.

24 Youth workers from 10 countries lived and learned together for 9 days in environmental educational center “Nature school” in Gudevica village.





They met Bulgarian culture…






… enjoyed healthy vegetarian food….





… and gained knowledge and skills in the fields of Eco-centric development and positive psychology.


Here you can read the Evaluation Summary of the training curse: Evaluation Sumary NAT

Link to the gallery in FB:


The project Nature as a teacher – eco-centric development in Youth work is funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union. The project is funded through Bulgarian National Agency (HRDC) under the number – 2016-3-BG01-KA105-035201.

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