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Lesson 24 – Communication: Giving and receiving feedback – text

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Elements of effective feedback

  • It is something specific, not general
  • The attention is drawn towards the behavior not towards the person
  • Takes into account the needs of the listener
  • It is directed towards behavior which can be controlled by the listener
  • It is more stimulating than imposed
  • Includes information sharing not giving of advices
  • Includes as much information as can be useful to the listeners
  • Refers to what was said and done and not to why it happened

Giving of Feedback

  • Focus your attention to the behavior not to the personality. Refer to the actions of the person and not to your idea about him/her.
  • Give feedback on observation not on interpretations and conclusions. Describe in which way the observed behavior influenced you.
  • Give feedback with descriptions not with evaluations
  • Use feedback to share ideas and information instead of giving advice. Leave the person to choose whether to change or not.
  • Focus on the benefit for the receiver and not on the relief of the person who gives the feedback
  • Begin your sentence with “I” when you give feedback. If possible ask the people to evaluate themselves first and then give them your feedback.

Receiving of Feedback

  • The feedback is an opportunity to learn and develop.
  • I accept my emotions. I avoid emotions which stop me from listening to the others
  • I avoid defending and making excuses. I listen, ask, paraphrase to make sure that I understood
  • If I do not understand I ask how my behavior was accepted. In reality it could have been understood in a very different way than the one I wanted.
  • I am thankful to people who give me feedback


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The training program “Training of Trainers” is an educational product that is currently missing in the partner countries – Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania. Due to the early stage of development of the youth sector and youth work in these countries the educational materials aimed at non-formal learning are still limited and insufficient. The lack of adequate educational framework for training of youth workers in the field of formal education leads to inefficient use of the capacity of professionals.

This course fills a gap in the youth sector, namely the need of methodologies for the preparation of trainers, who are able to train youth workers. This course will set the basis for the preparation of teams of trainers of youth workers. The course will serve the goal of development of youth work in the participating countries and other interested parties. A large number of youth workers can be trained according to the methodology at national and international level to use and promote non-formal learning as a tool to enhance the realization of young people in the labor market and increase their social cohesion.

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