Training of trainers – NFL and interactive methods in Youth work – ACHIEVE

Lesson 22 – Working with groups: Before taking action – tips and tricks

Before taking action answer these questions:

  • Goals Why am I doing this?
  • Willingness – Is the group ready to do this?
  • Feelings What is the emotional state of the participants? What are their feelings? – Hidden? Suppressed?
  • Behavior Challenge through choice. The participants have right and deserve respect for choosing their way of participation. Stimulation never harms.
  • Level – What is the current level of the group? What are they ready for?

Take in consideration when designing program or choosing method:

Group dynamics



The training program “Training of Trainers” is an educational product that is currently missing in the partner countries – Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania. Due to the early stage of development of the youth sector and youth work in these countries the educational materials aimed at non-formal learning are still limited and insufficient. The lack of adequate educational framework for training of youth workers in the field of formal education leads to inefficient use of the capacity of professionals.

This course fills a gap in the youth sector, namely the need of methodologies for the preparation of trainers, who are able to train youth workers. This course will set the basis for the preparation of teams of trainers of youth workers. The course will serve the goal of development of youth work in the participating countries and other interested parties. A large number of youth workers can be trained according to the methodology at national and international level to use and promote non-formal learning as a tool to enhance the realization of young people in the labor market and increase their social cohesion.

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