Training of trainers – NFL and interactive methods in Youth work – ACHIEVE

Lesson 22 – Working with groups: Activities collection – try this

try-thisIntroduction with Toilet Paper

Each participant takes as much paper as they want from a toilet paper roll. When everyone has a piece he has to cut the paper along the perforation and get separate segments. At the end everyone has to share as many thing about themselves as many rectangular pieces they have.

(Get to know game)

Zen Counting

The group has to count from 1 to 10. There is no time for planning and there should not be an agreed order (it cannot be consecutive in a circle). Conditions: Only one person can speak at one moment (if two say a number at the same time, the counting starts from the beginning). One person cannot name two consecutive numbers, no gestures are allowed.

Option to make it harder – the same rules but with closed eyes.

(Icebreaker game)

Pass the Hat

The participants are in a circle. The leader of the game has a hat on their head. The hat has to make the circle without falling on the ground. The participants cannot use hands, mouth and teeth.

(Icebreaker game)


The group has to turn into an amoeba. This unicellular creature has a core, lots of cytoplasm and cell membrane.

The participant who will play “the core” has to sit on the shoulders of “the cytoplasm” and navigate it. Around the cytoplasm the participants who represent “the membrane” arrange themselves facing the outside world and holding hands (crossing elbows works better). The amoeba has to take a short walk as it is.

If the group is bigger “a cell division” can be made – to form one more core or to split the group in two. If the participants are old enough a mini-competition can be made between the two amoebae.

(Team challenge)


Each participant finds or is directed to a place in the nature where they are alone and have no external sources of distraction. When working with children they are guided to their places. The participants stay there from 15 to 45 minutes and think on topics that were given to them or just focus on their thoughts. They can be given a topic for consideration, questions which need answers or a task such as to write a “Letter to myself” (which after certain time is received by the participant). It is recommendable that for this activity everyone has a learning diary and something to write with.

(Reflection activity)

Thanksgiving Circle

All participants gather in a circle and one by one thank personally to everyone for something they did during the camp/program.

Warning: It is not suitable for big groups as it is time consuming and gets boring.

(Closing activity)


The training program “Training of Trainers” is an educational product that is currently missing in the partner countries – Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania. Due to the early stage of development of the youth sector and youth work in these countries the educational materials aimed at non-formal learning are still limited and insufficient. The lack of adequate educational framework for training of youth workers in the field of formal education leads to inefficient use of the capacity of professionals.

This course fills a gap in the youth sector, namely the need of methodologies for the preparation of trainers, who are able to train youth workers. This course will set the basis for the preparation of teams of trainers of youth workers. The course will serve the goal of development of youth work in the participating countries and other interested parties. A large number of youth workers can be trained according to the methodology at national and international level to use and promote non-formal learning as a tool to enhance the realization of young people in the labor market and increase their social cohesion.

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