Self-discovery – individual reflection and practical process – 2

How to use the Self-discovery online process

This tool is an invitation for you to explore in depth all four dimensions – body, mind, emotions and spirit. Through different practices and questions, it will lead you to a deep inner immersion, resulting in the clarity of “Who you are?” and “Where are you going?”. Answers to these questions will help you to better understand yourself and to orient yourself in your professional future.

The Self-discovery online course contains two main tools that support personal/professional development:

  1. Reflection questions – by answering questions every person can evaluate or analyze different elements of their live situation. The questions here are chosen in order to deal with two main elements of our lives – development and happiness, and assessment of these two elements in both personal and professional dimension.
  2. Practices to experience – the practices suggested in this Pocket book originated in Psychology, Coaching, Sport, Spiritual traditions and other sources. They are collected in relation to personal Developmental tasks that person have to complete according Eco-centric development. By experiencing such practices we support our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development.


When you are ready start answering the questions and trying practices by following the instructions.

The Self-discovery process – 2 is part of online learning tools for personal and professional development of youth workers. The tool is developed under the project “ACHIEVE” – innovative methods for training and development of youth workers (2016-2-BG01-KA205-023835) funded by European Erasmus + Programme.

This online tool is designed to help you to increase your capacities as a youth worker through personal and professional development. It will lead your process of self-discovery, reflection and self evaluation. It is based on 2 ground-breaking approaches: The Positive Psychology and the Eco-centric development. Both approaches have been tested and proved to be significantly beneficial for older and young people in various areas. They were proven to be supporting both the personal and professional development of individuals by making them feel competent, confident, self-aware, self-motivated, pro-social and active. Moreover, the impact of embracing these 2 approaches has been found to be astonishing especially in the area of learning achievements. These two approaches endorse a holistic method and a new perspective in addressing problems by strengthening the individual to feel good and do good.

The benefits of following the process described in this online tool (by journaling, answering questions, reflecting and experiencing different practices) for you will be:

  1. Personal impact
  • Development of soft skills: communication, active listening, analytical skills, creative thinking, learning to learn, coordination etc.
  • Development of positive attitudes: confidence, self-awareness, motivation, proactive and social involvement, active citizenship and participation, increased self-efficacy, grit, resilience etc.
  • Increase in life-long learning and strive for continuous personal and professional development.
  1. Professional impact
  • Increase in professional capacities: planning and implementing innovative educational practices, and higher quality work.
  • Better addressing the needs of the youth, thus increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your work.
  • Better career prospects and higher financial stability.
  • New projects and ideas, at local and national level.

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